Expert witness work

Expert witness work

I undertake instructions in Civil and Family proceedings, including in pre-proceedings cases and with both adults and children. I have undertaken specialist training in expert witness work provided by the British Psychological Society. I am familiar with the rules and guidelines appropriate to the specific proceedings and am are fully compliant with these.

Instructions are accepted from solicitors. I do not accept self referrals for court proceedings.

I can provide the following:

  • Assessments of children and adolescents (assessments of social, emotional and behavioural functioning, cognitive assessments, mental health assessments, screening assessments for autistic spectrum disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders and attachment disorders, impact assessments of domestic violence/neglect/abuse on child development and functioning)
  • Assessments of adults (parenting knowledge/skills/capacity, mental health/psychological assessments, capacity assessments, cognitive assessments)
  • Assessments of families (family relationships and family functioning)

I also work as an associate for Berkshire Psychology.